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Embed your report into website publish to web

With SeekTable "Get Shareable Link" function you can easily embed saved reports in other web pages, such as in blog posts, websites, through emails or social media, on any device. Embedded reports update as the underlying data changes, or when you change them in your SeekTable account. The person accessed embedded report don't need to have SeekTable account; this means that the report you publish can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.

How to embed the report with an iframe

  1. In the report view publish your report to web and get its public link (menu "Share"→"Get Link"). If you don't see "Get Link" item please ensure that you saved the report.
  2. Insert into your web page iframe HTML element:
    <iframe border="0" frameborder="0" 
    In src attribute specify your link of the published report; with width and height specify desired report size.
  3. As result you should get something like that:
    (this is a report from

    If you want to hide report name this is possible with adding show_report_name=false parameter to the report public URL (this option works only when report is embedded with IFRAME).

Hint: you can easily create dashboard with any custom layout by embedding several reports on one web page.

How to refresh a report page automatically

In some cases it is useful when public report page is refreshed automatically after some interval; say, if you keep report opened in the web browser. Auto refresh can be enabled by adding refresh_interval=5 parameter to the report public URL (interval value in minutes), for example:

This feature is useful if you want to display real-time dashboard on office wall TV screen.